Friends & Sponsors of the Taylor CERT Program

They Taylor CERT Program relies on member-funding to maintain our position within the city.  All our training supplies and first aid supplies are paid for by our member’s hard earned paychecks. We need the help of our business neighbors.  If you would like to sponsor the Taylor CERT Program a great way to help would be to allow us to connect our followers to your website!

Each logo includes a link to your website, or a specific page in your website.   Each price is for 12 months or one year.  All logos have a maximum width of 100 pixels and heights prices are listed below.  Large logos only will be set on our heaviest traffic pages on the right side of the page.  All other logos will be laid throughout our website (extra fees incl’d) or on our “Friends and Sponsors” page.

Small:  h60 pixels  $100

Medium: h120 pixels $200

Large:  h160 pixels $300


Our largest donor of $500 or more will receive a large logo, one FREE GIF (provided by sponsor) and will get the title of “ is POWERED BY:_______________”. 

All GIFs, Banners or small video (mp4) are considered LARGE and will be charged accordingly. These images can be placed anywhere within our website.  Please contact us on quotes on a sponsorship for your business.  

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